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Remembering Marc R. Kromelow

On the Death of My Cousin Marc I learned today that my cousin Marc died on December 22, 2018 in New York City. I hadn’t seen him for over 25 years. Though I visited New York many

A Thanksgiving Remembrance

Sixty-three years ago on November 22, 1945, my father stood in the very small dining area in our apartment on Wightman Street in the Squirrel Hill district of  Pittsburgh, PA with my mom, his sister, my Aunt

The Mystery Is Solved

About 4 years ago I started on a journey to discover where my Grandfather Meyer Kromelow came from and how the sir name came about. Not long ago I had my DNA tested.  I am 89.6%  Ashkenazim

Amelia’s Aliyah to the Torah

The rituals of life, the ties of family and friends, these gatherings to celebrate are the very warp and woof of the cloth that holds us together. So it was that thanks to my daughter in law

Brave New World

My mother said when the family arrived in Chicago my Grandfather bought their house outright with gold coins. They settled on the south side of the city.  I’m not sure where their first house was located, but

The London Years

It is not know exactly when Meyer and Bertha moved to London.  What is known is that Meyer had a brother who had already moved to London. This brother was a tailor and Meyer was to go

Amelia is Twelve

How did that happen? The call came from Ari that she had been born. And how lucky was I to have a daughter in law like Tracy who even wanted me there when their child was born?

The Courtship of Bertha and Meyer

Bertha was about 9 years old when her mother and father sent her from Zhitomir to Lodz Poland. Their reason was to keep her out of harms way because pogroms were frequent and also so she could

On the Occassion of Ari’s 50th Birthday. August 8, 2014

The evening of Friday, August 7th was very special. We were at our cousin’s David and Collie Rice’s. They lived on the edge of Old Town in a very cool apartment on the nearish North side nearish

In Search of the Name of Kromelow

It was somewhat of a family mystery as to how the surname Kromelow came about.  Not much is known about my Grandfather Meyer’s  family history.  My mother told me his parents were Irwin and Caroline and that