Reno Women’s March on Washington -All Your Questions Answered -Hopefully

Please print out this information. email it to your friends who may not have Facebook but plan on attending. Please be sure to click on the links provided.
Just a reminder as we come down the home stretch: ALL member of our Reno-Tahoe-Truckee community and beyond are welcome and encouraged to come to the Reno Women’s March and to participate in it. Please take a moment to read about what this event is all about, in our About section on the Events Facebook Page. We are all-inclusive: women, girls, men, boys, families, sexual orientations, color, creed, faith and ages. EVERYONE. We welcome and encourage all to walk with us in peace on a very historic day.

On Saturday, January 21, 2017 you will be part of a global event that includes people across the United States and the World, and in more than 300 cities. Nothing quite like this has ever happened. You are taking part in this important moment in history right here in Reno, NV.

If you have never been at an event like this before there are a few things you need to know for the well being and security of you and any family members, young and old, who may be joining you. We trust that you will pay attention to any advisement’s meant only to ensure this, regarding weather, safety, potential counter protests, or other situations that may arise.

Please be respectful. We as a community are only thinking of all of you when we make these suggestions, and sharing our experience with you. Our intent is only to inform – and always to unite.

We will have a wonderful rally program with music provided by Voices Forward and speakers that represent the multifaceted culture of Reno’s vibrate community. You will have the opportunity to meet with nonprofit organizations and learn about next steps. How to get involved. This March is only the beginning. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you next Saturday.

You can even learn more about our global mission here:

We want all of our Marchers to know a few simple rules for comfort and safety.
What to wear: Dress warm. It looks like we will have some snow the morning of the March. Wear comfortable shoes. A hat is a good idea.

  • Please do not wear a backpack.
  • Do not carry a big purse or bring any bags.
  • If you are carrying a sign or banner. A small purse or fanny pack that can be worn on the inside of your coat for your cell phone, ID cash etc. or a jacket or coat that has inside pockets for your cell phone, ID, cash etc is the best way to go.
  • Even if you are not carrying a sign or banner you want your hands free, so a small purse or fanny pack worn under your coat or jacket is the way to go.
    Be courteous to your fellow Marchers.
  • Do not block access to businesses along the route.
  • Service Dogs of course : Unless you have a trained service dog please leave your best furry friend at home. Thanks for understanding.
  • We are not allowed to set up Port-a-Potties along the March route – There are public restrooms in the Hotel Casinos along the way and businesses if respectfully asked may also accommodate you.
  • Please do not bring a selfie stick
  • If you think the walk may be difficult please join us at the rally at the Plaza. You do not have to March to be a part of this event.
  • If you are bringing a infant or small children, some helpful tips

There will be Trained Volunteers to lead everyone in Chants and to keep everyone safe. They will set the pace for the March. Follow their instructions to the letter.

  • The Volunteer Peace Keepers will be wearing Yellow Vests.
  • Other Volunteers  to help you and answers questions will have Pink Bandanas tied around their arm. 

There will be trained Volunteers to guide you at the Plaza.

There will also be volunteers from many organizations to get your information for future actions and activities. They will have clip boards and be from PLAN, Planned Parenthood, For Nevada’s Future. Please sign up.
Watch out for anyone who tries to get you to make inflammatory statements or engage you in an argument. Stick to the March. Do not engage with them.

Timeline for the March

1.The March will start at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 21, 2017 in front of the Federal Court House at 400 S, Virginia Street. We urge everyone to get there by 9:00 a.m. So we can start on time.
The Street will be blocked off at California Ave and Virginia. We will, because of the number of people expected, line up in the street and not on the side walks. Parade manages will be there to direct you.
2. The March will end at City Plaza approximately 1/3 mile from where it starts. There will be a rally with speakers and music performed by Voices Forward. There will be a number of non-profit organizations present so you can get information about what action steps they will be taking in the weeks and months and years ahead. There will also be Volunteers with Clip Boards who can sign you up for action steps you can take. The March is only a beginning for bigger and better organization.
3. Parking. Here is a guide to where to Park Downtown.

  • Pay attention to signs in private lots.
  • Do not park in a lot that is reserved for a business.
  • Not all private lots are open to the public on Saturday.
  • Metered Parking is still in effect on Saturday.

You have two choices. Park closes to the Plaza where we will end up and walk down to the Court House. Or Park closes to the Court house.

If you think parking will be a hassle.

  • Consider taking the bus. Buses to downtown leave from Meadowwood Mall as well as other places. Check out Bus routes here.
  • Consider taking a Cab or Uber

About the Rally

The March ends at City Plaza (between the Truckee River and 1st Street and between Virginia Street and Center Street) where we will rally. A covered stage with a sound system will be setup opposite the Believe Statue.

Tribal Drummers and Dancers weather permitting will lead off the March

Former Nevada State Senator Sheila Leslie will emcee the program that feature business and community leaders from all sections of Reno’s vibrant culture, including

  • Blessing offered by Janice Gardipe, Reno-Sparks Indian Colony
  • Emcee: Sheila Leslie
  • Speakers (3 minutes each):
    • Felicia Perez, Reno Solidarity Network 
    • Helen Fillmore, Washoe Tribe 
    • Taslima Shams, College student
    • Nathaniel Phillipps & Monique Normand, PLAN Leaders
    • Verita Black Protho, local businessperson
    • Kimi Cole
    • Stacey Shinn, Gender Justice Coalition
    • Voices Forward (organized by Gloria Stanley, Miguel Stanley & Stan Prentice) 

This is the timeline for the March:

  • 8:45: People gather at Federal building. Peacekeepers take positions. Drummers to front of the march. 9:15
  • First chants (Monique/Nathaniel) 9:20
  • March Begins 9:50 Voices Forward performing as marchers enter plaza (SPEAKERS JOIN STAGE AND STAND IN ORDER OF SPEAKING)
  • 9:55 Emcee (Sheila) begins program at Reno Plaza after song is complete
  • 10:00 Blessing offered by Janice Gardipe, Reno-Sparks Indian Colony
  • 10:04 Felicia Perez 10:09
  • Helen Filmore, Washoe Tribe
  • 10:13 Taslima Shams, Muslim Student
  • 10:21 Nathaniel/Monique Chants
  • 10:25 Kimi Cole
  • 10:29 Verita Black Protho
  • 10:34 Stacey Shinn
  • 10:38 Sheila Leslie closes w/action lap announcement
  • 10:40 Voices Forward plays to 11 am.

We must vacate the Plaza at 11:00 A.M. 

This promises to be a truly inspirational event.  Thank you all for being part of this historic event. This is just the beginning. 

We wish you a peaceful March.

Women’s march Chants

May you be safe.
May you be free from all harm.

As the road or skies carry you toward your fellow pilgrims,
may you sense the presence of those who travel with you in spirit,
whose hopes and hearts are tucked into your pockets,
who name your journey’s purpose as sacred.

May you encounter strangers-as-kindred,
and may that recognition of kinship bring joy to your journey.

Whether the faces in the crowd number in the dozens, hundreds, or thousands,
may you not only recognize yourself,
but may you also witness a dazzling tapestry of colors, languages, genders, ages, and bodies:
proud testament to and humbling display of our human family.

May the crowds be gentle, friendly, and patient.
If not, may the Spirit of Playfulness appoint you its momentary agent.
May you offer quiet praise for gestures of kindness.

May all bodies — vessels of spirit and soul — be treated as the gift that they are.
May the sturdiest of marchers make space for those who need more time,
more help, or a different means of moving.

May those bearing snacks share generously with others.
May you fuel yourself wisely, and hydrate.
In your hour of need, may you easily find a restroom,
and may it accommodate your body’s gender, size, and abilities.
May the line for the restroom be short.
If not, may you delight in the impulse to connect in ways mundane and profound.

Amid the heady flurry of selfies and hashtags,
may you remember the commitment that led you there,
and what will be required for the road ahead.

Gather it all up, blessed one; let it feed you.
Allow the crowds’ electric thrum to seep into you,
knitting itself into courage;
into holy boldness;
into fuel for the journey back, and for the journey forwar

  • Erika Hewitt is a Unitarian Universalist minister, a high-mileage wedding officiant, a yoga teacher, a writer, and a worship coach. She also serves as the UUA’s WorshipWeb Curator. Together with Becky Brooks, Erika is in the process of writing a book of theme-based ministry worship resources.
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