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Buche de Noel

  The Buche de Noel became a Christmas tradition when we moved to Nevada in 1976. It was our first Christmas. There was just the four of us. No tree. Nothing particularity festive. But we did have

The Great Almost Proper Coconut Cream Pie

My Aunt Lu made the best coconut cream pies.  My mother made an amazing one as well and if I do say so myself my efforts for a from scratch coconut cream pie were also stellar though

The Spatchcock Turkey and Other Thanksgiving Musings

Several years ago I decided I just could not face shopping and spending three days cooking another Thanksgiving dinner. It has been been our habit to go to Napa, stay at the Silverado and have our Thanksgiving

Egg Salad

Egg salad is certainly not the most romantic or exotic of food.  But for me it is one of those dishes that evokes very special memories. New York with my mother. It didn’t matter what part of