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Remembering Marc R. Kromelow

On the Death of My Cousin Marc I learned today that my cousin Marc died on December 22, 2018 in New York City. I hadn’t seen him for over 25 years. Though I visited New York many

A Thanksgiving Remembrance

Sixty-three years ago on November 22, 1945, my father stood in the very small dining area in our apartment on Wightman Street in the Squirrel Hill district of  Pittsburgh, PA with my mom, his sister, my Aunt

The Mystery Is Solved

About 4 years ago I started on a journey to discover where my Grandfather Meyer Kromelow came from and how the sir name came about. Not long ago I had my DNA tested.  I am 89.6%  Ashkenazim

Buche de Noel

  The Buche de Noel became a Christmas tradition when we moved to Nevada in 1976. It was our first Christmas. There was just the four of us. No tree. Nothing particularity festive. But we did have

Ten Thousand + People Marched In Reno, NV 1/21/2017

It started the way a loaf of bread rises.You put the ingredients together, you proof the yeast, you knead the dough and then you let it rest and rise. And rise it did. This is how you

Reno Women’s March on Washington -All Your Questions Answered -Hopefully

Please print out this information. email it to your friends who may not have Facebook but plan on attending. Please be sure to click on the links provided. Just a reminder as we come down the home

Join US We are Marching Again!

  On January 21st 2017 all across the United States and indeed in other places on this planet, people will be marching in unity with the Women’s March on Washington. On November 8, 2016 the United States of America

Why Many Of Us Are Not Getting Over This Election.

Clinton won. The Electoral College is outdated. The system is rigged. The first statement is both true and false. Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote but not the Electoral College. The second statement may or may not

The REAL Reason Donald Trump Won the Election

The unthinkable happened.  One by one the reliable blue states turned red. The pundits and the prophets were wrong. The data crunchers missed the mark.  How could the  2016 Presidential Election turn out the way it did?  

To Tofino and Back

  We had been planing this road trip for months and the day finally arrived. A beautiful clear September morning with just a hint of autumn in the air. Captain Jack our hybrid Honda Accord’s trunk was