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Egg Salad

Egg salad is certainly not the most romantic or exotic of food.  But for me it is one of those dishes that evokes very special memories. New York with my mother. It didn’t matter what part of

The Courtship of Bertha and Meyer

Bertha was about 9 years old when her mother and father sent her from Zhitomir to Lodz Poland. Their reason was to keep her out of harms way because pogroms were frequent and also so she could

On the Occassion of Ari’s 50th Birthday. August 8, 2014

The evening of Friday, August 7th was very special. We were at our cousin’s David and Collie Rice’s. They lived on the edge of Old Town in a very cool apartment on the nearish North side nearish

My Children Are Drowning!

It took the descendants of the House of Abraham’s son Issac several thousands of years to return to their God given homeland after the great Diaspora. There is something in the bone, the blood and tissue like

My Life and Times with the Nevada Diabetes Association

Not long after I met Ashton in 1980 he came home one day and said “do you know there is nothing in this town to help people who have diabetes?  Don’t you think we should do something

In Search of the Name of Kromelow

It was somewhat of a family mystery as to how the surname Kromelow came about.  Not much is known about my Grandfather Meyer’s  family history.  My mother told me his parents were Irwin and Caroline and that

Family History

What is our fascination with wanting to know where we came from and who we are descended from?  When I met my husband Prince Ashton Hawkins he told me that he was a descendent on both sides

Everyone has a Feast

The other day Ashton came home with a brick of seed and put it down in the front lawn by the false plum tree on a patch of earth that the rabbits and quails have worn bare.

Reflections on the day.

It is always fun to be a guest on Nevada News Makers with Sam Shad. That’s how yesterday began,  We talked about the Affordable Care Act.  Our segment is the last half of the show and what

Fun-Friends-Food and the Thing About Ageing

It’s a party for our friend Diane Kennedy’s mother Blanche Brouillard who is celebrating her 97th Birthday today.  Blanche is a remarkable women and a inspiration. She is a wonderful example of why a good attitude leads