Reflections on the day.

It is always fun to be a guest on Nevada News Makers with Sam Shad. That’s how yesterday began,  We talked about the Affordable Care Act.  Our segment is the last half of the show and what amazes me is that supposedly intelligent people still do not have a clue. It’s by no means a perfect solution to providing health coverage and access to healthcare  in this country but it is a start.

I picked up my friend Nancy Eklof after the show and we went and opened the Nevada Shakespeare Company bank account. It seemed to take forever. By the time everything was done we were starving and Pho seemed like a good choice. Plus Monday lunches with Nancy have become a regular habit.

Pho (correctly pronounced fuh) has very good fuh. I had Pho Dac Biet and Nancy had their chicken curry, plus I ordered Pho Ga and spring rolls to take home to Ashton.  This little restaurant is always busy. The prices are very reasonable, everything is cooked to order  and we both had plenty of food to take home to enjoy later.

I must admit however that I was a bit off center yesterday. My dear friend Martha Gould has been ill and very much on my mind. Sam had inquired about Martha. He was concerned because he had been trying to reach her.  Martha had a serious bout of pneumonia that had gone undetected despite several trips to the hospital.  Fortunately Stephan her son and daughter-in law Karen who is a physician came into town and made arrangements to take her to their home in Colorado.  When I got home I called Martha and though she is still very weak she is doing much better.

Martha got me involved in Nevada politics and because of Martha I was front and center in Nevada’s for ERA and I ended up running the Equality Now campaign and  Nevada’s Campaign for Choice  But that is a conversation for another day.  Let us say for now I miss my friend.

prince's plaque

The evening ended on a high note. The dedication of a plaque on the rock at the Hawkins Amphitheater to Ashton’s father Prince A. Hawkins. and an outstanding evening of music by the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra. It was wonderful seeing family and friends and sharing in this very special occasion.

  1. I’m so glad you posted this. Thank you for the update on Martha. I miss her terribly. It doesn’t feel like Reno without her.