Everyone has a Feast

The other day Ashton came home with a brick of seed and put it down in the front lawn by the false plum tree on a patch of earth that the rabbits and quails have worn bare. The little birds, sparrows, finch, chickadees descended on that block with unbelievable energy. It has been a all day show. The big birds like the doves and the quail haven’t been quite sure what to make of it.

Papa Quail has gotten on top of the block and pecked at it. Mama Quail has attacked the side. The Baby Quail do their best to stay out of the mileu.  Mainly the little birds are all over it like flies on fly paper. The doves just hang out on the sidelines. The cacophony of bird conversation starts at first light and where as before died down until before sunset now goes on all day.  Much like the chatter at a well attended dinner event.

I sit at my desk working on all the everyday things that have to be done, along with the projects that I have taken on and I am distracted.  The birds have taken over.  We have a all day birdie dining spot and everyone’s here for the feast.

Speaking of feasting this is what we dined on at our latest NNWA (Northern Nevada Wine Association) Diner.  The Dinner was held at Bricks and featured Peju Wines.

Wine 1Wine 2Wine 3Wine 4

It was all very nicely prepared. My favorite was the Peju Sauvignon blanc with the Crab appetizer and the Merlot with the lamb main course.

The best part is the friends we share this with. Oh and the entire restaurant sounded just like our front yard with everyone just chirping away and enjoying the feast.